Opi’a Taino is a 501(c) Non-Profit organization founded in 2011 by Maekiaphan Phillips. As President of Opi’a Taino International, Inc. it is with great respect and honor to God and our ancestors that I have accepted such a noble task. A Walk in My Moccasins shares our ancient culture, history and traditions with the community. I must say Hahom (Thanks) to all of the community members that has taken A Walk in my Moccasins over the past year.




Our vision is to reconstruct a Village here in the Virgin Islands. This Village will be the home of all Pre Columbian Virgin Islanders, Taino, Kalinago (Karib), Igneri (Arawak). Here we will teach our children their culture, traditions, history and of their past. We will help them to understand and protect our present and show them how to embrace their future without forgetting their past.